There Will Be No Midterm Elections

Washington, May 18, 2017 | #Democracy #TheAmericans #Trump

What makes the current situation so disastrous is not just the disaster itself, but the neverending parade of disasters that obscure it.

Another series of shocking revelations, but no sensation of shock. Only mild nausea, as you remember that you've seen it coming, all of it.

What are you going to find once you get to the bottom of this scandal? You already know it for certain: another scandal.

There is no hope in impeachment. The office of the U.S. President is facing an asymmetric threat: decline and collapse of global viewership.

In the comments section, people are beginning to recognize the problem as one of depletion: There is not enough popcorn in the world.

The Presidency of Donald Trump is a hoax created by and for Americans in order to make any other aspect of global crisis non-competitive.