February 14: Episode 7

Washington, February 14, 2017 | #Television #Trump #TheRussians

If U.S. politics was a bad TV series (and it is), then today feels like Episode 7, out of 12. Until now, the Trump season had way too many storylines, none of them were plausible, just like none of the characters were believable, but most of them were still referencing, even if only as a grotesque caricature, aspects of real life in America today. There is no hope for catharsis, but everyone is still watching: trying to get a hang of the mechanics and waiting for the dominoes to fall. Episode 7 is when in a bad TV series, the story arc abuptly bends towards crisis, and the most bullshit of all subplots suddenly blows up front and center: Russia! Golden Showers! Nukes!