What Is the Name of the Year 2020?


The Re-uptake of Labor

Filmed on 10 June 1968 at the entrance to the Wonder factory (light bulbs). We see a single woman, in a large gathering of men, the moment which, after the strike of a thousand events in May '68, everyone is supposed to go back to work.  Read more…



SPIEGEL-Leser würde ich nach der Lektüre auch erstmal 14 Tage in Quarantäne schicken, damit sie diese virale biopolitische Hysterie nicht auch noch weiterverbreiten. Erscheinungsweise der Publikation dann bis auf weiteres zweiwöchentlich.  Read more…


Fwd: Re: What the Virus Said


What the Virus Said

You'd do well, dear humans, to stop your ridiculous calls for war. Lower the vengeful looks you're aiming at me. Extinguish the halo of terror in which you've enveloped my name. Since the bacterial genesis of the world, we viruses are the true continuum of life on Earth. Without us, you would never have seen the light of day, any more than the first cell would have come to exist.  Read more…


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Fwd: Re: Rude Awakening: Memes as Dialectical Images by Geert Lovink & Marc Tuters

It seems weirdly regressive that anyone would need to justify applying 'high' theory to 'low' culture at this point. Those arguments were made — and won – decades ago: they've become the premise of entire schools, disciplines, and even large-scale funding initiatives. When I see them now, it's mostly in the openings of PhDs, where hierarchical conflict is explicit — and has little to do with substance. So what's the blockage in this context? Is it that you're both upping the ante (with quasi-theological arguments with almost apocalyptic implications) and lowering it ante (with an abysmally amorphous object)? Or is this a warmup for some biggish-data project that'll need funding? I don't get it.  Read more…